September 19, 2021


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Getting Paid: Mitigating Non-Payment Risks And Deploying “Self-Help” Remedies Under UAE Law – JD Supra

Contractual Measures To mitigate in the direction of The hazard of a cost dispute, There are a Sele.......

Contractual Measures

To mitigate in the direction of The hazard of a cost dispute, There are a Selection of measures which the events Might want To incorporate Inside their contract.

First, the events may incorporate numerous cost constructings into their contracts, collectively with, For event:

  • a dpersonal cost upfront Initially of the enterprise (e., earlier than any work has been carried out), Which may assist meet vital start-up or proremedyment prices;
  • a cost schedule for milestones or progress costs all by way of the enterprise;
  • curiosity on late costs; or
  • an proprietor’s obligation To buy supplies upfront from the suppliers.

Second, the events may embrace sprimepage Of labors/current decisions, collectively with proper of suspension or time periodination clauses, which clearly outline the events’ propers and duties Inside the event of non-cost. For event:

  • The celebration due A strong cost may droop or time periodinate work if the mutually agreed upon time interval for suspension or time periodination has handed since giving any required discover. It is typically a contractual requirement in suspension or time periodination clauses thOn the proprietor be given discover and An alternative to make the cost earlier than the suspension or time periodination is influenceive. Failure to abide by the categorical requirements of such clauses might Finish in A celebration being Responsible for brevery of contract for the sprimepage. Accordingly, It Is important that A celebration Adjust to all contractual prerequiwebsites earlier than any sprimepage;
  • A celebration Can additionally Want To revenue from a partial suspension (pretty than a full suspension), which permits minimal exercise on website;
  • A celebration May even be entitled to The prices Associated to the sprimepage, collectively with demobilization and remobilization prices; and
  • The prime Outcomes of a suspension clause Could Even be a lot The identical as a time periodination clause in that both celebration Might have The biggest to time periodinate the contract On the end of the agreed suspension interval.

Third, a tiered dispute decision clause may permit for cost disputes to be Dealt with extra expeditiously, with out resort to formal authorized proceedings. For event:

  • A dispute adjudication board (DAB) Could be established On the outset of a enhancement enterprise To current a dispute avoidance position Inside the event of non-cost;
  • The senior managers or executives Could Even be required To fulfill within – and for – a sure Quantity of days To debate the non-cost; or
  • The events Can additionally Decide to submit their cost dispute to mediation with the purpose of reverying a mutually useful settlement Inside the event prior discussions or negotiations Do not yield a constructive Outcome.

“Self-Help” Cures Beneath UAE Regulation

In the absence of contractual measures, there are A minimal of three “self-assist” remedies under UAE law to Receives a fee for contracted providers.

If the related contract Does not include a proper to droop efficiency, Article 247 of the UAE Civil Code may current an avenue To take movement.1 Pursuant to Article 247, a contracting celebration may withhold or droop the efficiency of its obligation if The completely different celebration fails to discharge a mutual or corresponding obligation that has since Discover your self to be due for efficiency. The UAE Federal Supreme Courtroom commented that good religion applies to The biggest to droop efficiency and, as such, any suspension Of labor Need to be a reciprocal and proportionate response to the default in question.2 Before exercising a suspension proper, A celebration Could Even be properly served To Guarantee its personal efficiency of the contract is compliant.

Ancompletely different “self-assist” measure is includeed in Article 879 of the UAE Civil Code, which intently resembles, if not replicates, the idea of A regular law lien.3 This provision applies the place A celebration produces a useful influence on the property of the employer. The time period “useful influence” Isn’t outlined Inside the legal guidelines however may imply an influence which will enhance The worth of, or enhances, the property. Accordingly, if A celebration Isn’t paid due consideration for accomplished works that produced a useful influence on the property in question, that celebration Could Even be entitled to practice a possessory lien by, For event, Taking over the property and withholding keys or entry codes required by an employer To understand entry to works for which cost is overdue.4 The important factor consideration Inside The equipment of this provision lies in whether or not the works undertaken produced a useful influence on the property. In completely different phrases, if no useful influence is created, the celebration may not retain possession of the property and To take movement in these circumstances Can be illegal.5

Lastly, A celebration Can additionally search To revenue from precedence propers liens. In accordance with Article 1527 of the UAE Civil Code, an quantity As a Outcome of of a contractor or constructing engineer has The identical standing as a precedence proper.6 A precedence proper is a statutory proper entitling a beneficiary to a precedence clpurpose in the direction of proceeds finally understandd from a sale of the involved property.7 Whereas Article 1527 Does not current any steerage on the course of to be adopted for the sale of the property, It is a requirement under The current thOn the precedence proper be perfected by registration with the related Land Registry So as to be influenceive.8 Accordingly, by registering a precedence proper, A celebration Could probably fulfill its entitlement to a cost out of the sale proceeds of the property, Inside the event the sale is instigated by the employer or ancompletely different entity, Similar to a creditor.9

Concluding Remarks

When it Includes getting paid, A celebration’s biggest protection in the direction of a defaulting employer Could Even be To attenuate its hazard from the outset Inside the contract. That said, while prevention Is usually greater than the remedy, asserting Quite A pair of remedies under UAE law Can additionally assist events Receives a fee.

*Mina Morova is a Trainee Affiliate in our Dubai office.

1 Article 247 of the Federal Regulation No. (5) of 1985 On the Civil Transmovements Regulation of the United Arab Emirates (the “UAE Civil Code”) currents that “[i]n contracts binding upon each events, if the mutual obligations are due for efficiency, every of the events may refuse to carry out his obligation if The completely different contracting celebration Does not carry out that which He is obliged to do”.

2 UAE Federal Supreme Courtroom No. 556/2009 dated 7 June 2010.

3 Article 879(1) and (2) of the UAE Civil Code current that:
“(1) If the work of the contractor produces (a useful) influence on the property in question, he may retain it till the consideration due is paid. And Whether it is misplaced in his palms Earlier to the cost of the consideration, he shall not be liable to the loss, nor shall he be entitled to the consideration.
(2) If his work produces no (useful) influence on the property, he shall not have The biggest to retain it pending cost of the consideration, and if he does so and the property is misplaced, he shall be liable in The identical method as if he had misappropriated it.”

4 Michael Grose, Construction Regulation Inside the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf, Chapter 18: Self-assist Cures, 1st ed. John Wiley & Sons Ltd (2016), 195.

5 Ancompletely different comparable provision Which may give rise to a possessory lien under the UAE Civil Code is Article 416, which currents that: “[a]ny One which has incurred needed or useful expense on property of ancompletely different in his possession may refuse to return such property till he recovers What’s As a Outcome of of him at law, Inside the absence of an settlement or provision of law Quite the oppowebsite”.

6 Article 1527 of the UAE Civil Code (Part III: Particular Privileges Over Immovable Property) currents that: “(1) Sums As a Outcome of of contractors and constructing engineers Who’ve been entrusted with the erection, reenhancement, restore or upkeep of constructings or completely different works, have a privilege over such works however solely in respect of The rise in worth ensuing from such works On the time of the alienation of the immovable. (2) Such privilege Need to be registered, and its rank is fixed by the date of its registration.”

7See Grose, supra notice 4, at 196; Dubai Cassation No. 339/97 dated 23 November 1997.

8 The mode of registration Isn’t specified; however, Regulation No. (7) of 2006 regarding Exact Property Registration Inside the Emirate of Dubai requires, at Article 9, That Each one transmovements that “create, change, change or cancel propers” over land are recorded Inside the Land Register So as to have influence.

9 It Ought to be noticed that, in accordance with Article 1527 of the UAE Civil Code, The worth of the precedence proper Is restricted to “The rise in worth” ensuing from the works of the contractor On the time of the sale of the property.